Friday, April 24, 2015

Lions Tigers and Panda Bears Oh my! Madrid Zoo

What is giant, black and white, eats bamboo and looks like it would be the best thing in the world to cuddle? (Although that hug might leave you short a limb :)  PANDAs!!!! 

When we heard that there were pandas at the Madrid  zoo we could not pass up the opportunity to see these rare cuties. 

The zoo is very easy to reach from the city and has a great variety of animals to see. 

Many of the enclosures are typical and a small few are a little sad. However, the gorilla house was large and informative and the gorillas were so adorable. 

Many of the animals seemed to be posing for my camera :)

The peacocks had free range and could be seen strutting all over the park. 

Often times it is easy to put the plight of some animals out of mind. We do not see them and so we are less likely to think of how our actions as humans effect their lives. 

I am torn on the issue of zoos in general, but from each visit I do leave feeling more aware of my impact and with a renewed desire to do as little harm as possible. 

This trip to the Madrid zoo was no exception. There was a very entertaining and educational show put on by the dolphins and the team that works with them. 

Seeing the animals who have to live in the oceans we pollute makes children and adults alike more apt to think twice about their actions. 

Similarly, it exposes kids to different career paths. My sons were so impressed by the fact that the marine biologist gets to swim with dolphins.  My oldest son said, "It's a win win. You get to help animals and have fun. I want a job like that."

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