Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Venice With Kids, travel guide and activities

Venice with kids? Absolutely!
Several years ago we took a trip to visit one of the most romantic and stunning places on earth, and yes we did it with three young kids in tow.  My husband and I were able to visit all the major sites, enjoy hours of wandering through the tiny streets and  peaceful drifting down the endless canals.  At this point if you have kids you should be wondering how?!

I used my super mommy teacher skills and created a fabulous guide to the city that kept our three boys, then ages 4, 7 and 9 engaged and excited. Upon arrival to Venice we gave each of them a copy and they were off spotting things, taking pictures of this and pointing out that and identifying famous works of art.  The guide works for everyone, children earn points which they can trade in for gelato or souvenirs and parents get to check everything off their must-do list.  There are activities to keep them attentive during walks and entertained during visits to the Basilica, the Dodge and all the other world class sites.  

Take advantage of my research and hard work, and ensure your family has a great time with this activity booklet.
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