Thursday, February 26, 2015

The 5 Love Languages of Mind Control


   Recently my two oldest sons have come to believe that my background in child psychology means that I have some desire and ability to exercise mind control over them lol.  My middle son has taken to studying hypnosis so that he too can exercise some powers over minds and guard his own.  My oldest son has just decided to double the amount of questioning and second guessing he was already prone to doing. So when they caught me reading The 5 Love Languages of Children they decided to hijack my book and read it for themselves, possibly believing it to be a decoder of children.

   The other day we were at the playground and my youngest was delmsomstrating, poorly, a new magic trick he learned. When I responded with enthusiasm at what they had esteemed a failed attempt, the middle one says to the oldest one, "I think she has been reading that book too much, using positive affirmations."  

My first response was to be a little angry and hurt, but then I realized It is actually pretty funny. I'm going to push this mind reading/manipulating thing to the limits. I think I'll just shout out randomly from another room "I know what you are doing in there!" This might have a lot of potential, that is until they realize what my degrees actual means I'm capable of doing.  Fingers crossed that doesn't happen until college :)

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