Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Temple of Debod: a bit of ancient Egypt in the middle of modern Madrid


Today we took a break from our regularly scheduled program to visit Egypt.  Well, the closest thing to Egypt we can find here in Spain :)  We decided to save the best for last and take the path to the temple with the most detours.  We trekked over to Parque Del Oeste and meandered through the tall pine forest and enjoyed the beautiful view of Casa del Campo from the hill side. Being surrounded by greenery yet so close to the city center feels like a cheat, like I clicked my heels and escaped the crowds of Spain's capital.  As an extra special dollop of whip cream on my lucky girl sundae, we walked to the edge of the garden and got this nice surprise.....


A marvelous look at Madrid's splendid royal palace. 

After enjoying the garden and running around the playground, we headed over to the temple for its afternoon opening. *Note the temple is closed during the middle of the day, please check the schedule before your visit.  


A visit to this place is a must.  Western culture is so enamored with ancient Eygpt, its gods, culture, engineering, and writing so this place felt surreal for us. My boys drank in Rick Riordan's Cane Chronicles and inhaled books and videos about mummies and pharaohs so this was a special treat for them. 

Walking through the cavernous rooms being surrounded by the hieroglyphs left them speechless :)
They read every bit of posted information and stared up at the walls. They have been to many museums with areas dedicated to Egypt, but still it is a museum with just an Eygptian section, this was exciting because it was an actual temple used for worshipping the gods. 

We ventured upstairs to a small room with interactive exhibits explaining the whys and how's of the transport of the temple from the banks of the Nile to Madrid. My boys love pushing buttons and scrolling on screens so they touched everything and read more information :)

The temple is by no means large, so after an hour we had explored every nook and cranny and were ready to return to the 21century. 

Although their faces are doing everything possible to hide their joy, all three boys enjoyed the trip and recommend it to any kid visiting the city :)


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