Monday, December 1, 2014

Still Boy Wonder


Two elephants meet in a pond at midnight in an oasis of butter.  Now if you are worth your salt at all as a spy then you know this means let's meet in the kitchen near the fridge in a little while. Fortunately for me I am an expert spy and my decoding skills are top notch so when my six year old came into the kitchen gave the code and left I was able to figure it out.  

Life with Shmeep is never dull. He is full of energy, wonder, imagination, wit, and logic. Despite having two older brothers I am still his go to playmate and although it's down right exhausting at times, I'm very honored because it comes with moments like these. 
As I was thinking about to post he cries out, "hey what does he get two covers?!?! That means he's going to be more comfortable than me!" 
Like I said, never a dull moment :)


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