Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Slave to my #Fitbit, I'm getting Fit bits :)

Soo I'm walking and typing, why you ask? I have a new master that dictates my every freaking STEP, I call it Fitbit, but really it's Mr. Whip Cracker. How did I become a slave to a tiny device that I'm free to take off at any given moment?
Let's start at the beginning.....
In the not too distant past I was a woman on a mission, determined to make some healthy changes in her life before her up coming 35th birthday. I switched out poor grains for quinoa and bulgar, banned white sugar from entering my home, and vowed to get at least 20 minutes of walking in everyday. This woman was in control, she had a plan and was sticking too it. 
Then her girlfriends started talking about the new cool toy on the playground. Everybody has one they said. All the cool kids are using them. Psst, it even tracks your sleep.  Whaa, no way it tracks my sleep? That was me, totally engrossed in the new coolness. I just had to have one, in fact I needed one, how could I stay in shape without one? 

Several weeks later I strapped on my new master, input my goals and joined the hoards of step counters around the world. In less than 24hrs my Fitbit app became the most visited app on my phone. I just had to know; how many steps now, how many active minutes?  I became a fein. I was no longer interested in just getting a consistent amount of healthy exercise, no I had to not only reach my step goal, but also make sure I was walking more than everyone else so I could be number one in my friends list. To top it off, even if I walked 10,000 steps my fitbit said I had not reached my goal of 30 active minutes a day. "How is this possible!" I would yell at my Fitbit as I did jump in jacks, high knees, and butt kicks to get those extra minutes.  

Now I'm at a place of acceptance, I do what it says.  I walk until I feel the tingle, run until I see a green man, and drink water until my lady is completely blue. I'm ok with it, I like this hold it has over me. Honestly, I think I would have even worn my Fitbit on my wedding day.  I would have bedazzled the wristband to make it stlyish and strapped it on to make sure my steps down that aisle counted :). In fact I wish there was a way to add more goals to my Fitbit, like hugging my kids 6 times a day, or meditating each morning. In short I'm now a fit little bit and I love it. 

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