Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Like MagK, from wiggles to words

Shmitty has always lived in his stories. By day he creates characters, defeats enemies, and fortifies castles. Similarly, he is a lover of documentstion. My house and heart are littered with bits of his writings, stories and illustrations. 

Although he has been able to read and write for quite a while, all of his stories were written in wavy lines, slashes and dots. They were more visual expressons of the plot than an actual retelling. I sat through countless readings of these stories and even tried my hand at reading a few. After finishing I would always complement his work and encourage him to write with letters so that more people would be able to read it because he is a great writer. Always supportive and challenging. 

Yesterday I walked into his room and asked what he was doing as he sat at his desk. His usual reply, "I'm working on my story" came out of that little curly haired head. As I came closer to take a peek I was astounded. It was like some switch had been turned on and he sat their writing in English as if this was the way he always wrote.  He asked how to spell wizard and then continued on with his work. 

I cant wait to read the finished product of his latest tale "magK" for me its already full of wonferful mysticism. 
The moral of this tale is : Patience and Encouragment water the seeds of success 

These were written a day apart :)

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