Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade Serbia

Mr. Tesla exactly what don't I have to thank you for? :) You there reading this blog on some device that you at some point had to plug in and charge up, yeah you, you should be thanking him too, the man was pure genius and our generation is truly indebted to him. Mr. Tesla is the true father of wireless and as I sit at this cafe and write this blog on my iPad I'm grateful. 

A trip to Belgrade would not be complete for any self respecting mother of scientist without a trip to the Nikola Tesla museum. In truth the museum is very small so you can count on packing about 90 minutes of educational fun into your day with a visit. The site is very easy to find as well, just one block from the major street and around the corner from Tajmagden Park. I paid 500 dinars for myself and all three boys (ages 11 and under) were free.


Once inside we roamed around the small room that contained personal belongings of Tesla and Shmeep stared mesmerized by the old ink pens, spectacles and sword-like letter opener. I think he was sold on Telsa's level of cool just by looking at the small engraved flask he owned. The older boys walked around reading bits of trivia about the scientist and enjoyed marveling about the fact that his actual ashes were right there in the building. 


After 30 minutes of free time, we were ushered into a screening room where we watched a short informative video that chronicled the life and works of the genius. We were introduced to his remarkable ideas about free wireless communication and his revolutionary alternating currents. 
After the video came the really cool part, live demonstrations. A museum guide went through each model and explained it to the audience showing us how it worked and what it was designed for. Our favorite by far was the Tesla coil exhibit that transmitted wireless electricity allowing the boys to feel like real Jedi knights as they held illuminated bulbs in their hands while sparks crackled and buzzed above their heads. 


Yeah, I'm that quick with the camera, I caught him getting electrocuted.  
After a shockingly (yes couldn't help it had to say it) good time at the museum, we decided to engage in some dramatic photography ;)



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