Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ada Ciganlija, the reason people never want to leave Belgrade

After a month of exploring our local markets parks and cafés we decided to venture out to the famed Ada Ciganlija that everyone swore we had to visit. All we could say once we got there was what in the heck took us so long :). 
Ada is a huge beautiful park in the middle of the Sava River less than 15 minutes from the city center. In a cab it was less than ten bucks and only a buck fifty by bus. There is something for EVERYONE there from bungee jumping, paddle boats and wake boarding, to indoor skiing and a ropes course and of course the international pass time, people watching. 


On our first trip we rented bikes and road around the entire park; along the river, through wooded forest and along back roads. We found several play grounds that just had to be explored by the 6 year old and a couple fields that needed a good soccer scrimmage on their green. 

After our biking rendezvous, we found a peaceful shady spot to make camp and enjoyed the green quiet oasis. Later, I found an outdoor free yoga class and did my best to keep up with the Serbian instruction. When our bellies began to rumble we made our way back to the riverside and ate at one of the many and diverse eateries that line the water on both sides. 


Several weeks later on a hot Serbian summer day we found ourselves once again at Ada. This time we decided to do what the locals do. We found a restaurant along the waterfront that was close enough for me to watch the kids in the water and that had a playground behind it. Once we chose our prime location we just simply relaxed. 


The boys swam, read their books they had brought along, and played at the playground. Teddy got some work done and lounged and I had a glorious sun induced nap after a rich meal. I kept wondering why on earth more cafés and restaurants don't have outdoor couches. After a thoroughly relaxing afternoon we were all exhausted and happily walked to the bus stop to make our way home. 

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