Sunday, May 25, 2014

Zemun, a dash of the old Austro-Hungarian empire in Serbia

Not wanting to make a four hour drive in vain, we decided to hang close to Belgrade this afternoon and explore across the river a bit. 

After a little history crash course we jumped in the car and headed to enjoy a beautiful day. 

Standing on top of Godoš Hill looking out over the Danube and across at Belgrade, I had a very special feeling come over me. I was doing mental cartwheels knowing that I was looking at what literally used to be the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe.  Zemun was a town controlled and influenced by the  Western European Austro-Hungarian Empire and Belgrade was controlled by the Turkish Empire, two different worlds separated by a river. 

After enjoying the view and the drinks, we took a short walk through the narrow streets to join our friends for a nice riverside meal. 

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