Monday, May 26, 2014

Serbia, not to be confused with Syria or Siberia :)

Note to self, being the history  aficionado that you are, you should be aware of the fact the every country is steeped in history, what sort of history you ask, why it's own of course. 

On Monday I found myself in the small Eastern European country of Serbia. I say found because other than buying the tickets, we made no real plans for coming to Serbia.

 This is highly uncharacteristic behavior for me. Usually I know everything there is to know about a place before hand and am itching with excitement to explore this or that. So when I woke up Tuesday morning I literally had no clue what the city of Belgrade had to offer. 

Unfortunately, rain is what it had in mind and rain it did for 3 straight days. We just happened to visit during the worst flooding the country had seen in decades.  The scenes of destroyed homes and washed away river banks flooded the news stations filling our already nervous family members with dread. Thanks again rain :/

Anyway after 3 days of hibernating (I had just got my hair done and there was no way I was subjecting it to the weather) the sun finally broke through the clouds and we ventured out. 

All that time in the den allowed me to do some reading and it turns out Serbia has more than its fair share of dramatic history. From Turkish take overs to hostile invasions, to name, border and governing changes, this place has seen it all.  

Serbia has had it's turn at being the bad guy, the victim, and the victor and all of this is played out in the landscape, architecture, and culture of the people.

I look forward to exploring this tiny region which has had a huge impact on world history. 

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