Friday, September 20, 2013

watching Paint dry in Paradise

Well if you are anything like me, a night owl living in a remote little town who puts her kids to bed when it feels like bedtime and down here it's pitch black at 6 so bedtime feels like 7pm; you will find you have a lot of time on your hands even AFTER the kitchen is clean and the clothes are folded and put away. I refuse to become, ok remain the couch potato I have become (seriously though, they play like 5 episodes of Fiends in a row and who doesn't love Friends) I digress.  So here is how I see it: something has to change. I have several options
1. Go to bed earlier like my wise husband has started doing 
2. Start exercising in the evenings ( it is cooler in this oven of a house at night at least)
3. Work on my Spanish by studying ( or by watching Grey's Anatomy in spanish, because that's what I need right,  to be able to say "you're my person" or "McDreamy" in spanish)
4.  Start checking off books from my bucket-list of must reads (although I would need a bucket full of amazon credit because my ebook budget is small, I'm talking I can only afford library prices)
* for anyone traveling or about to travel.  Get a library card, install overdrive on your phone, tablet etc, and checkout ebooks from your local library while you globe trek. Read anything anywhere for free! I'm doing this of course, but am on the wait list for several favorites. It's also great for children, my boys check out both ebooks and audiobooks.   
5. Because there has to always be a fifth option :) I could learn a new skill, maybe drawing. I have always been into the performing arts but who knows maybe there's a tiny visual artist asleep in my spirit. 

As for now I painted my nails and as I sit and watch the paint dry I am posting this :)



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