Sunday, September 15, 2013

Murdering Mosquitos in Costa Rica

So many if you know me as a peaceful, optimistic, easy going, person and I am, but mess with my family and all that changes in an instant. Down here in Costa Rica there are tons of things out to get you; giant bugs, deadly snakes, and the infamous dengue fever carrying mosquitos. 

I have been research and chatting with people so I can be aware and on guard protecting my children.  The other day a friend gave me a very good description of the daytime flying demons and low and behold I spotted two in my house. 

Now I didn't just kill these buggers, I stalked them, I waited, and then I attacked with a vengeance. I literally stomped the living lights out of each mosquito I saw. It was as if I had caught them trying to kidnap my child. I actually felt like they were attacking my family. Dengue fever is serious, it can land you in the hospital, leave you sick for months, and sadly on occasion it can be deadly. Please do your homework and take proper precautions if you are traveling down here. Go to a doctor early if you suspect you are ill, it can save your life. 

On another note. Make sure the place you rent has screens.  We have had a nightmare of a time inside the house because of the heat and humidity and our lack of screens. So far I love Costa Rica, but it can be very dangerous if you are unaware of the threats that exists. 



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