Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring in Sevilla

Exuding Vivasiously out of the black night, lavander blumes against the sliver moon,
Brass trumpets resonate in the core of flegling green leaves, and
Carelessly flung from the Triana, Shattered light skips over the rippling waters

Seduced by the warm caresses of the sun orange blossoms release their Soft sweet innocense and perfume the air inducing the birth of a smile

Red passion smacks onto poutting lips of madeup faces While velvety petals of scarlet peek out from behind ears

The 4am sounds of ca ca clap, clap, ca ca clap, clap tempt the beat of strump stu stu strump strump until they burst into the gutteral encantations interpreted only by la alma

Open windows graciously usher in the cornucopia of tintilation allowing the slumbering inhabitants to be embibed with the depths of "olé"

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