Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hug Notes

Finally, after long nights, groggy mornings and countless days the book I promised is now available.

Get it here if you want the full program including the awesome 30 Day Parenting Challenge journal

If you are a devout eReader get it here smashwords

Hug Notes is a resource book filled with activities and ideas for nurturing your relationship with your kids.  After committing to various fitness and nutritional challenges for at least 30 days I felt like I owed the same commitment to my kids.  I plucked and pruned my creative brain to come up with these creative ways to show your kiddos you care and have some fun while doing it. (Okay, okay I used my background in Child and Family Studies too, finally using those two years of research I put in earning that Master's ).  I highly recommend you grab a copy and one for another parent friend you know.  I promise your kids will love you for it :)

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