Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeling a 30 day Parenting Challenge coming on

Who? YOU
What? 30 Day Parenting Challenge
Why? Because you know you wanna and the kids will love you for it :)

After doing two long (40+ days) rounds of meditation, a week of the master cleanse, and a 30 day Me Focused program, I really started to feel like I was missing something.  I had put a lot of time and energy and, even a little money here and there, into improving my relationship with myself.  I worked very hard and was deligent with my meditation, I was disciplined with my cleanse and I was determined with my self-focused regement.  As time went on I began to think that this same sharp focus should be applied to our relationship with our children.  We are all BUSY, even if we are just busy being parents.  We hustle them up in the morning, then off to this or that then get them fed, done with school work and in the bed quickly just to start the same race over again.  I spend almost every waking our with my children and still fail to hug each of them more than 3 times a day.  Many days I find myself on auto-pilot; help so and so with this, wash the clothes, help the other with that, dry the clothes, read to so and so, put the clothes away, make food, clean up mess, help so and so, teach this, clean that, send them out, prep dinner.  I can only imagine how tight time is for other parents whos' children go to school.  It feels like we are being squeezed by the vice grips of our society for time and energy.  However, everywhere I read, or look I see 30 days to a healtheier, thinner, smarter, (pick your adjective) you.  As I was popping in my 30 Day Shred DVD I decided that I would give 30 days to my children.  I would take 30 days to do things to simply let them know I loved them and that they were just as important to me as meditation, eating right and great abs (ok, ok more important but you get the point). I know I can't be on all the time but I can take a little time each day for 30 days to really focus  on my relationship with my child.  Just like the meditation, the exercise and the cleanse, this super focused time period will really affect how you see the relationship and will impact how you treat it in the future.

 For the past couple months I have been working on a booklet called Hug Notes; 30 Simple Ways to Reconnect With Your Kids it will be available as an ebook, PDF and hardcopy on May 25, 2012.  I will be starting a Hug Notes facebook group so that we can support each other during the challenge.  We start June 1st, join the group, like the page, and PLEASE spread the word!

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