Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sierra Norte, somewhere over the rainbow

my pot of gold

After being without wheels for two months, our California need for speed kicked in and we rented a car. I was itching to explore the countryside outside of Sevilla and Teddy was itching to fulfill that manly urge, driving fast along curvy roads. We met both our needs by getting a sweet deal on a sporty little BMW.

FIRST stop, the woods, trees, nature, streams, and fields. It was exactly what we all needed. Sierra Norte, a national park about an hour and a half outside of Sevilla hit all the spots. We rambled along the Viaverde for nearly 2 glorious miles. The boys ran with sticks, I picked flowers and saw poems, and Teddy even went for a nice run in the rain. We spent hours enjoying our roles as the main protagonists in such a beautiful landscape.

My boys

Father and son

where my wild things were

keeper of the gates

natural umbrellas

sticks and bricks and boys oh my!

Waiting out the rain shower

our field guide

surprisingly this isn't the smallest car we've had here

we came, we saw, we left our mark

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  1. I love that my blood has traveled so far.... Hey big sis thanks for the Amazing photos they delivered a great big smile on my end also amazing captions stretched it an extra mile.....cant wait to act like a wild man and wrestle all my you guys, miss you Tina.. great job Teddy