Wednesday, January 25, 2012

T in Triana

Triana Twirls

I just chose that title because the boys and I saw a bar with that name and kept coming back to the topic all day. We even made our own sayings, shmeep said he puts the H in hot, Shnook puts the N in nice, Shmittle puts the O in awesome (didn't have the heart to tell him awesome starts with "a") and I put the K in kool which is way better than cool :)
We finally got around to exploring our neighborhood more today and all I kept thinking was "what took me so long to do this?"

almost made it

We discovered "calles besando" kissing streets, so named because of their narrowness. Shnook, "they could be kissing they are so close". The boys tried their hand at leaping across the street in a single bound. Next, we found something that made my heart skip a beat. Inside a beautiful Moorish building, up marble staircase, tucked in a secret corner we found a library with a children's section. Yes, yes I found a new home.

caught mid-sentence

Calles Besando

When the children demanded I finally "put the books down and just walk away" we went off in search of a spot to grab a bite. In a little bitty cerviceria/ bar we discovered moussaka, a yummy meaty cheesy tapas dish served with a side of bread. In addition we had hummus and another spread I can't remember the name of to tide us over until dinner.
After our merienda/snack, we headed over to check out a capoeira class for the boys. When we got to the studio we found out the class was cancelled. We were looking around the space at all the instruments and ran into one of the owners who also happened to be an awesome guy. He took down the darbuka, gave us a demonstration and then let the boys try it. He then asked us if they wanted to drum for a little bit. OF COURSE!!!! So we spent the next 45 minutes slapping, banging and tapping different percussion instruments. It was an amazing musical journey around the world. He let them try everything and kept taking out new things to show us. Our ears travelled from Sevilla to Egypt, Senegal, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Bali, The U.S and back in under an hour all for free.



Dominican Republic

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