Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sevilla, a 5 star kinda night

From start to finish we had a great night. First star, the sitter arrived with an English-Spainish dictionary and a netbook opened to google translate just in case. She told us about her favorite place to see and hear flemenco and some other places to check out.
(Wait, earlier in the evening I bought the cutest pair of $7 shoes I have ever seen, this may have actually set the cheery mood :)

We set out walking along the river on the Triana side. Strolling down the orange tree-lined streets (yes the pace here is a stroll, slow and steady) past large groups, colorful buildings and the river on my left I felt myself fall in love with Sevilla (second star). After crossing the bridge we took in the massive cathedral with it's amazing bell tower and luckily for us the bells were chiming.
From the Triana side


Trying to find our way

At this point we entered the old city area with tiny twisting streets. I can't remember how many times we stopped to look at the map before deciding to just walk and figure it out. We began to wonder if the sitter had given us the right address because we looked to be in a residential sleepy area.
We arrived at what looked like someone's home, and again we were very pleasantly suprised. There was a warm fire glowing in the sala, and people were singing, clapping and enjoying themselves. We walked through the building, which probably was a house at some point, and out to what used to be a courtyard, but now a vibrant bar perfect for hosting flemenco nights. Trying to live by the old adage of "when in Rome" we ordered Agua Sevilla. With Sevilla on my tongue, guitar in my ears, and the red swoosh of dancing dresses in sight, me encantada (I was enchanted). Two more stars.
Seeing red :)

Agua Sevilla

After two performances, we decided to continue our adventure and check out a nightclub. We made a pit stop at Burger King to get directions and ended up getting a personal guide. Teddy struck up a conversation with a man and asked him for directions. The guy was so nice he walked us there ( about a 10 minute walk), pointed out other places we might want to check out in the future and took us to a spot he enjoys. I still have to get used to the bar/club music here, but given that I love to dance I had a great time on the dance floor. Our new friend hung out with us and we bought him a drink to say thanks. Just as the place started getting crowded, 2:45am we had to head out. Again we were impressed with the Sevillian hospitality (5th star). Our friend walked out with us, took us to the cab stand and hailed us a cab.
We came home to three sleeping boys and my feet weren't even hurting after a walk around the city, a good night indeed.


  1. I wish I were there...I need a break and mi vida necessito ser encantada! (Sorry if the Spanish is off...its been awhile :))

  2. Fantastic post m'dear! I am soooo glad you guys are enjoying Sevilla. What a great night you had! Please keep the updates coming.