Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Castle Days in Xativa

As our days came to an end in Valencia we decided to venture beyond the city a bit and what an adventure we had. Xtavía, birthplace of two popes and the first place to make paper in Europe, was the perfect day trip destination.
Beautiful, bustling and quaint, Xtavía is the quintessential small town, complete with old church and hilltop castle. First, we walked through an amazing life-sized Belén.  I couldn't stop taking pictures and pointing things out. It was awesome. The boys loved all of the live animals, especially the dromedaries.

After enjoying the sites in town we hiked way, way, WAY up the hill to the castle.  The views were breath taking and the experience was unforgettable. The lovely castle was very well persevered and I spent my time wandering around the paths and gardens imagining life there hundreds of years ago.  The chicos kept running from place to place announcing "Soy el Rey de todo el mundo" (I'm king of the world).  Good times for all :) 
Way, Way, WAY up

fun pressing against the walls when cars drove by

Head of Department of Defense

Claimed in the name of Haile clan

first the tower

then the fort

Finally, a castle

 three little princes

King of our castle with his boys

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  1. Wow, the moon in the background of that one photo is stunning. I absolutely love that the boys are saying phrases in Spanish! Lovely post