Monday, November 21, 2011


This has been an excellent week!  Monday was a regular day and in all honesty I don't even remember it.  On Tuesday we went to a very nice park in Valencia called Cabezera Park.  It was very beautiful with nice walking and riding paths, and a stream that wound its way through the park and ended in a picturesque pond.  Tucked in every corner were nice surprises for the boys like wooden bridges and playgrounds.  We all loved it and it really made me feel like I could live in Valencia for a long time.

After lovely Tuesday, came beautiful Wednesday.  On Wednesday we took a trip out of the city to a little town called Navajas.  The town was a hidden treasure with beautiful mansions and well kept tiny streets.  We drove around and eventually found what we came to see; the Salto de  la Novia.  In this case pictures can say more than I ever could.

Thursday was full of wonder.  We drove about 45 minutes north of Valencia to one of the longest underground rivers in Europe.  I was overwhelmed.  We traveled in a boat along a winding river through caves made hundreds of years ago.  At one point the passage was so low even Shmeep and Shnook had to duck their heads.  It was beautiful and serene with the place inspiring so much wonder we were all forced into silence.  Shmittle didn't even raise his voice above a tiny whisper.  Unfortunately we could not get any good picture, but I don't think we will ever forget that place.

After such a peaceful start, we ended the week in the exciting bustling city of Barcelona.  We spent two days in Spain's second largest city and had a pretty good time.  The hop on hop off bus was a great way to learn some history and see the city.  We also spent a night rambling along La Ramblas, enjoying the street performers and enjoying the slower pace of strolling.  My favorite thing in Barcelona was Park Guell, it was beautiful and inspiring with breathtaking views of the whole area stretching out to the beach.  Even in the rain, with bad tempered children I still loved my visit.  The only real things I would have changed are my shoes.  We walked up a crazy steep hill to get there and I had on boots with a nice heel.  After treating our eyes we decided to treat our bellies and try the city's version of Ethiopian food.   So far we have had Ethi food in LA, DC, NYC, Boston, Montreal, London and Rome so now it's a tradition to have it in a new city, if of course they do in fact have an Ethiopian  restaurant.  Barcelona did a great job on some dishes, it was no D.C or LA, but it was good and we definitely cleared the platter.

We ended our week with bellies full and minds filled with great memories.

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