Monday, November 28, 2011


My life is bipolar. I am either super busy or lying around wasting time. There are times when I'm extremely passionate about something and others when I just want to stay in bed under my covers. The other day we had a jammed packed day. We went to the oldest church in Valencia, the Central Market, several plazas, the Royal Garden and Capoeira class. I get like that at times. I want to do everything in one day. It's like I have no awareness of tomorrow. True balance has always been a challenge for me. I look balanced on paper; mother, teacher, dancer, blogger, traveler. But I don't do them in equal amounts at all times. Just writing that sentence I'm realizing the impossibility of it. Well at any rate I need to find a better way of being myself, that doesn't have me going between extremes all the time.
Here's a day in my life....

Central Market

Our history guide

Oldest Church in Valencia San Nicholas

Town Hall plaza

had to take a pic

Horchata break with Dad

Plaza De La Reina

Walking break

Royal Gardens

And here is another.....





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