Friday, November 25, 2011

Adios Caballeros

Almost 7 years ago I laid eyes on you and it was love at first sight. I wanted you and no matter what anyone thought I was set on buying you guys, my cowboys. I remember clearly that some people actually
laughed  when I put you on the counter at the thirft store. I think it was that laughter and the taunting that actually fueled my fire for you. I felt myself making a statement, this is me, like it, approve of it, accept it, or not I don't apologize. When I slide you on my feet I feel more mySELF than in any other pair of shoes I have ever owned. I know that you are MY style, not something I saw on TV, in a catalogue, or on another woman walking down the street. You inspire me to be true to myself. You have been apart of some of my most freeing outfits, those that truly capture my spirit. When I walked down the street wearing you the clunk of your heels made me smile, and the lack of seeking approval from others gave me a natural high. We have stomped around LA, Boston, Atlanta, NYC, Quebec, Montreal, Barcelona and you have chosen Valencia as your final resting place. I won't seek out a replacement for you, but instead spread a little of you spirit into whatever other pair of shoes I own.  

Adios mis amores


  1. I forgot to say that they are very old and the leather at the toe is worn thin, so any day now they will have a hole in them.

  2. Beautiful personification of spirit, lovely entry. It has inspired me :) :)