Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watch out for flying buttons

Along with all the obvious perks of travelling, our family has been given chef Teddy. Thank you Lord for blessing me with a man who enjoys cooking. My belly is doing it's own little bow right now :)
Because Teddy is working from home and we have our own kitchen again, he has returned to his workshop where his artful fingers and master nose come together to create some of the best food I've ever eaten. I don't know how he does it. No cooking channel, or cookbooks or scribbled recipes just him the utensils, ingredients and an empty kitchen. Maybe there's a little rat in there with him tugging his hair this way and that :)
In London Teddy made:
-Pasta in a light creamy tomato, carrot and broccoli sauce. Salad and fresh bread and butter accompany ever meal.
-Fresh salmon sauteed in olive oil with buttery spinach cooked in a ginger garlic and onion paste
-Chicken tikka masala with carrots and broccoli over rice

In Spain he has outdone himself.
-Paella type dish with chicken and veggies
-Shrimp and broccoli in a buttery, creamy tomato sauce. This was to die for on top of rice or soaked up with bread.
-Fish Alicha ( his title). It was soft fish stewed in a scrumptious turmeric flavored soup with potatoes and onions. Again add rice or bread, to die for! I ate three plates full.
-Seafood dish, imagine olive oil, tomatoes onions and peppers, and garlic add a touch of cream and smother fish and shrimp in it, my stomach's definition of beauty
-lentil soup, fresh salad and homemade dressing
There are more but you get the point, mouth watering good food
I think Teddy needs to start creating names for these dishes and make a cookbook.
Fortunately for my waistline we are doing things the Spanish way and only eating one big meal a day. I'm going to have to up my exercise game because there's no way I'm eating less if he keeps cooking like this.

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  1. Definitly kiss the cook. glad that once again you guys have made a home happy love you guys miss you all much auntie niece