Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mi Casa

The flight to Spain was a short two hour breeze. Getting on the flight was a pain in the neck. We arrived two hours early as suggested and thankfully so. The check-in line was long and the EasyJet counter we went to had a busted system. The representative was very friendly but extremely slow. Our bags were over weight so I had to do some repacking and then her conveyor belt stopped working. It took about 45 minutes just to check-in.
In London we only changed 40 pounds into euros so we could have enough for a cab and some food. Well no one told us, but they don't have cabs big enough for a family of five and their luggage in Valencia. We had to take two cabs and I watched the meter the whole time. Not sure why, but we seem to like living on the edge :). Of course it all turned out alright in the end. Teddy paid for my cab ride and had his driver take him to the bank.
When we got to our flat I fell in love. Two bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen, tile floors, exposed brick, high ceilings, exposed beams in a 100 year old house with tons of character. The kicker, it's two blocks from the BEACH. As soon as we dropped our bags we went to check out the neighborhood and ended up in la playa.
We let the kids go in the water just as they were. Shmitty was even wearing pants but he didn't care. There were lots of topless women so I was prepared to answer questions but no one had any. I guess they were too busy enjoying the waves, which after a summer on the Pacific seemed like ripples in the bath tub.

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  1. You must post pic of tu casa!!! I can't wait to see. It sounds like you are living the true adventure!!!