Wednesday, October 26, 2011

labor pains

So come to find out, I have been living the good life of a spoiled middle-class American woman.  I "straightened up" my house often and complained about how much work that has been having to clean every other week when the housekeepers didnt come.  Ohh this and that waan waan whaaa. I have not mopped, dusted nor cleaned windows in years.  I clearly remember that the last time I busted a sweat cleaning was when my now 9 year old was a baby.
Here at "Mi Casa", there are tile floors, nice large mirrors on the closets, wooden furniture, and did I mention two blocks from the beach, so I'm living in a housekeepers back breaker.  Even on days when we don't visit the beach there is sand in here.  My children have never had giant mirrors (and I never cleaned them) thus they don't know about not putting their grubby little paws all over them.  Revelation, dust loves dark wood furniture as much as I do. Last, but not least, I have found out my Mom's arm workout secret.  Daily sweeping will keep any flab off your arms, so seeing as I sweep two or three times a day, I'm good.  I have been sweeping like a mad woman since we moved in and doing my usual straightening up.  This morning it hit me, I have to deep clean clean this place.  As soon as that thought came the accompanying thought came "well they have to help too" :) I didn't make this mess all by myself.  I handed out rubber gloves, spray bottles and towels and we went to work. Seeing as I wanted it really clean and they are only 9, 6 and 3 year old boys, I still did 80% of the work. They dusted and cleaned the windows and mirrors and I did the bath rooms, sweeping and mopping.  This post is so long because I am sitting giving my legs and back a break right now.  From here on out the dust will not be given two weeks to pile up, nor the finger prints.    

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