Thursday, September 29, 2011


So day one in the Big Apple was great!  The boys and I slept in until 11am (winning) and then hit the city.
We visited the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. This is a little boys dream. Jets, subs and a giant ship kept us busy for hours. I was very impressed when my 6year old said "Mom wait I need to read this" at almost every exhibit :) Shmeep, the 9 year old, kept rattling off facts he knew about planes so fast my head was swimming in digits and miles per hour.  Shmitty even enjoyed himself in the Exploreum.


Jumping around

Side note- In May we bought a membership to the fantastic Boston's Children Museum for $135 for 4 people.  We have taken FULL advantage of the museum's reciprocal program, visiting 11 museums in 5 states.After the museum we hit the square, Time Square to be exact. I, Brave Mommy, took a trio of boys into one of the most crowded places on the planet. Yes yes tooting my own horn because we made it out alive and in a good mood :)

Day two was spent in Brooklyn with flash floods spoiling our fun. The Haile males went to Chuck E Cheese and I got my eyebrows waxed :) for some reason I want to get all of my major things done before I leave the country. I don't know how to say "where a great place for getting my eyebrows done" in Spanish yet ;)
Soo after the fiasco that was hurricane Irene ruined our first plan, I was a bit edgy about getting off US soil. I went with the legit car service and triple checked that they would send a minivan or SUV to fit us all and that they would get us to the airport 2 hrs before our flight. FORTY-FIVE minutes after he was suppose to be there, our driver shows up all relaxed. The only thing that kept his head connected to his body was the fact that he arrived in a limo. The kiddos LOVED it and it was kinda cool to be leaving in style. The driver drove like a true New Yorker and got us from Brooklyn to Newark in 35 minutes.

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