Wednesday, July 20, 2011


   Soo, I have seriously been MIA since April and that's because I have really been missing.  I lost myself in the crazy hecticness of life planning.  We decided to move and spend some time travelling with the family and I lost my head in the boxes and dates and travel websites.  I am finally, 3 months later, coming up for air :)
   So from this moment on I will truly be K-bytheseatofmypants because we have moved out of our home, secured a work from home job, and bought one way tickets to Paris!  The anesthetic caused by moving is wearing off and excitement is starting to build, we are really doing this.  For the past five years we (the Mr. and I) have dreamt of escaping the hamster wheel, barreling over the white picket fence, grabbing our kids and going for it. Our plans are super loose at the moment all we are sure of is the fact the we are going.  We are hoping to spend a year traveling around Europe some of the time renting furnished houses and the other trekking along in an RV.  I will happily keep you posted.

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