Friday, July 22, 2011

Ain't no sunshine

  I plan to balance this blog out a little by keeping track of our travels, trials, triupmhs and teachable moments (I was on a roll with the Ts :).  Right now life is a trial.  We decided to spend the WHOLE summer in California with family because we weren't sure when we would see them next.  In my head it was a beautiful plan full of sun and sand and social gatherings.  I forgot the small things I would miss like my own corner on the counter in the bathroom to elaborately display all of the facial and beauty products I don't use, or my housekeepers who came every other week to scrub my floors and bath tub, and yes Peapod grocery delivery service which saved me from the nightmare of shopping with three always hungry boys.  All of these things are very minor however when it comes to the fact that us spending the Whole summer in California means us spending the whole summer away from my husband.  I miss him everyday and his 3 day visits go by too fast.  So yes, we are in a very trying state; the boys fight a lot, traffic sucks and I have yet to dip a toe in the Pacific.  There is a bright side to all of this; it has been great to see family, we are visiting tons of cool Cali attractions and the boys have taken up Capoeira and are loving it, however, if I had it to do over again we would only be spending August in Cali.  Teaching myself in this moment to remember the small things.

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