Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catch Flight

I love 6 degrees of separation!! So it turns out this this other homeschooling mom I know knows a helicopter pilot who agreed to a show and tell type deal with her helicopter.  Wait it gets better.  The helicopter pilot asked her friend who is an airplane pilot if he would join her.  The kids had a great opportunity to meet with both pilots and learn about their aircraft. It was totally cool, especially in this post 911 airport security lock down state we live in, to get to go to any airport and see the planes up close.  All three of the boys had a blast, asked tons of questions and touched lots of gadgets in the cockpit.  On days like these I'm doubly happy that we are homeschoolers.  So, do yourself a favor and ask around, you never know who you might  know :)
Airplane 101
The Haile Brothers

Tiny two seater helicopter
Who knew helicopter fuel was light blue and not to smelly

Shnook in the captain's seat
Shmeep trying to take flight

Shmitty getting in on the action

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