Thursday, February 17, 2011

dancing words

I think of myself as a physical poet. I see the poetry in the interconnectedness of the wold. I expressed myself using moving poetry, or dance as others call it :) I strive at some point in each day to understand the poetry of this life that the Creator has granted me.
Recently, inspired by the amazing photography of my friend Nicole of Vintage1981 photography, I have come back to my heart's language. I plan to share from time to time some poems that don't leave me to open to the world. I'm not ready for that yet, but hopefully one day I will open my mouth and my soul will freely flow from it; until then please enjoy my pieces.

Poetry is an intricate breath of words, images and emotions
It is the captured flight and flow of a vivid dream of the awakened mind
Poetry is the liberation of our obstructed thoughts, repressed emotions and hidden desires
It is the mind's unchoreographed dance, freely gliding, wildly swirling and gently floating across a papery dance floor
 Poetry is but a glimpse of our true self
A stolen moment in the interior of another

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