Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mixing Two Rs with our Favorite F word

Today I surprised myself. Lately I've been making a conscious effort to
get in more teachable moments with my youngest munchkin. In that vain,
I sold Shmitty on the idea of a sound hunt.
The goal was to go around the house and find things that started with
certain letters. First, I let him pick the sounds we were hunting for
and then we set off.
Shmitty found his backpack and began filling it with items. He was on
a role; book, bandage, boat etc. Then we hit a monkey wrench. I
said,"hey what about that," pointing to a blue block. He said, "Maaum,
we are searching for Bu here, not Llll".
I said, "I know look it's a blue block." He looked at me and sighed.
"Mom, that's a Lego you know."
I'm am seriously starting to rethink all the Charlie Brown I let this
kid watch, but that's another post :)
So after a little debate he decided to include it because it was
blue. We went on to find a group of Ss and Huh objects.
I watched him and saw he was tiring of the sound hunt so I switched it
up and asked him to pour out his loot so we could count it all up.
We had a total of 12 objects. I have been working on classifying with
my 6 year old and so I naturally just suggested grouping them. Then we
compared the groups. Shmitty was having a hard time deciding which
group had more so we laid them out and made a graph. Shmitty had a
ball organizing, counting and then comparing the groups. Being able to
physically see which group had more seemed to excite him. I was
excited because we got to mix Reading and aRithmetic with Fun without
any bookwork or prep work on my part:)

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