Sunday, December 19, 2010

Word Swap

Word Swap
Shmeep (the now 8 yr old) : Mom one of the best things a robber can do
is to get an invisibility cloak.
Me: one of the best things that person could do is not commit a robbery.
Shmeep: Then they would just be a pheasant.
Me: A pheasant is a bird.
Shmeep: No not that kind of pheasant the poor kind.
Me: Oh you mean peasant.
Shmeep: well then yeah they would just be peasant.
Me: We don't really use that word to describe people any more.
Shmeep: Well what do you call regular poor people?
Me: We just call all people citizens now. Like you and I are just
regular citizens.
Shmeep: I'm not a citizen if it's the same as a peasant.
The conversation ended there. I'm
Not sure where I want to take it. It made me think of how badly we
strive to breakaway from anything considered common. I'm torn between
supporting his aim for greatness and a need to let him know that the
vast majority of people are just common pheasants if you will, trying
to stay alive by staying ahead of the hunt.

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