Friday, October 1, 2010

From lines to letters

From lines to letters
My intentions this rainy afternoon was to do a little art project. I
wanted us to look at lines, color and shape. We took out the water
colors, crayons and paper. As soon as I started drawing lines on my
paper with a white crayon they were ignited and excited. But of course
not over my own idea, but theirs.
My crayon strokes reminded them of how white crayon marks are
highlighted when you paint over them. They immediately switched focus
and began writing secret messages. Then they took turns decoding with
the water color Dot Arts paint markers.
It was fabulous, they came up with an elaborate game of writing
messages and having them delivered to the mailboxes they made. They
created a mail system complete with zip codes corresponding to their
ages. They spent the whole afternoon writing and improving their
spelling and all I did was draw a few lines on a paper to get them

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