Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When life gives you lemons make oatcakes

When life gives you lemons make oatcakes
This afternoon Shmitty asked for candycakes ( our version of pancakes
made with sugar in the mix so they don't need syrup). I was feeling
upbeat so I said sure. I was feeling real upbeat an told Shmeep, the 8
year old, he could make the mix. Now in my defense Shmeep has made
pancake batter many times and he invented the candycakes. For whatever
reason he was off his game today.
As I walked into the kitchen he was frantically searching my
cabinets for some more pancake mix. Today he followed the directions
but mixed up the columns for milk and mix. So he ended up with a VERY
watery mix.
After searching every cabinet and coming up empty, I suggested
adding instant oatmeal to thicken it up. After one pack didn't do the
trick. We added regular oatmeal handfuls at a time until we were
satisfied with the consistency. Shmitty was in charge and had a ball
grabbing and dumping the oats in. Next we heated the mix up for a
minute and a half to soften the oats.
The results: Dee-licious!!
The cakes didn't even stay on the platter. Every time I finished a
batch the boys picked them up. This is our most successful failure yet.

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