Friday, September 10, 2010


Why, why, why am I doing everything else, including blogging in the middle of the day, except for cleaning out my classroom. I have a red, swollen itchy bite that is slowly stopping me from moving forward, I fear my dears I have been bitten by the procrastination bug. Beware this tiny intruder. At first, you just get a little distracted, then side tracked and then you are all out doing something you never intended to do and have no clue how you got here. Its so tricky too because you start out all pumped up about the big job. You make plans in your head for how to get it done, the over achievers even write down their plans. but then it happens, you look at the jobs, then you look at your plan, you look back at the job and then back at your plan. Suddenly (bite) the job seems to big for your measly little plan, and here come the "I'm nevers". I'm never going to get this done; on time, like I want it, by myself, (my favorite) while the kids are up, so I'll do it later, or revise my plan, or get help or whatever other excuse you come up with.
Ha!! I needed to blog this, I'm reminded about a little saying regarding excuses and so I'm off to face my "I'm nevers" and apply calamine lotion to this bite.

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