Monday, August 2, 2010

If you give a mom a vacation....

After a hectic morning that was off to a late start, followed by
forgotten lunches, I had to glorious task of putting away the
groceries. Let me back track a moment. My two older boys are in camp
so that I can have a summer vacation :). So this waking up at a
certain time and having everyone dresses and ready to go every morning
is very challenging for me. Needless to say we have yet to make it to
camp by 9am an this is week two of my vacation.
So this morning we were late again, but to top it off my husband had
the keys to my car with him and he was on his way to work *argh*. Then
after getting the keys we all pile in the car and head out and of
course I forgot the lunches. So I decided I would just go to the
grocery store and grab them something. But everybody knows that if you
send a mom into a grocery store she'll remember something else she
needs for the house. Thinking about the house will reminder she needs
to have something for dinner. Planning one nights dinner will trigger
a planning of the weeks dinners and if you are planning the weeks
dinners you might as well plan the weeks breakfast and lunches.
Planning the weeks lunches the mom will remember she needs to drop off
lunch to her kids at camp and that brings her to the checkout stand.
At the checkout stand she will look in amazement at the cart full of
food she has when she only meant to grab two quick lunches.
So there I was, morning over and the afternoon creeping up me as I
dropped off the lunches and tried to salvage my day. I got home and
began the unhappy task of unloading the car and putting the groceries
away. My youngest son, too young for camp:(, was doing his version
of unpacking. Everything I was trinh to put away he was trying to take
out. Without his brothers to keep him company Shmitty is quite the
attention drainer. I saw that more and more of my day was fading and I
was hit with a brilliant idea. I gave him several boxes of pasta that
I had just bought and told him to build with it. Don't see why it's
brilliant? Well let me explain. At first Shmitty was just exploring
the new things brought into the house in a way he thought I was. I was
moving stuff around so he was moving stuff around. Me just telling him
to go play with his blocks wouldn't have satisfied him because he
wanted to explore the things I just brought in. So I gave him some of
the new things, let him stay relatively close to where I was working
and let him explore them in a way that was familiar to him. Boxes are
like blocks so building with them came natuarlly. At one point he even
lined them all up and pushed them around like a train. I was able to
quickly put everything away and he was able to play and when I
finished I showed him how to put the boxes away properly so next time
he will know.
After our session I made us lunch, cleaned up, played a little more
with Shmitty, then it was time to pick up the boy from camp. I guess
I'll start my relaxing vacation tomorrow.

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