Friday, June 4, 2010

To catch a chipmunk

To catch a chipmunk
Appearantly to catch a chipmunk you need
1 fake lizard
1 light saber
A chain
24 pinto beans
1 empty egg carton and
2 boys

The boys terrorized the poor chipmunk living in our yard today. They
flooded it's hole. Chased it around and lastly, decided to trap it. I
felt bad for the little guy but he decided to move into a yard
occupied by 3 courious George type boys. I'm sure he scoped out the
place before he moved in, right under their ball bin might I add. They
actually left him alone for awhile, but today he made the dreadful
mistake of scaring them as he came scampering out of hid hole. The
boys saw this as an assult and just cause to break the peace. They
launched a hostile attack to capture the enemy. Fortunately for the
little guy I called them in to dinner.

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