Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reflect on the past and look to the future

One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is it's flexibility.
As a homeschooler you have the freedom to use or not use curriculum,
use or not use schedules, use or not use test and most of all you have
the freedom to change your mind.
The annual end of the year report provides us with an opportunity to
reflect on the past year, to evaluate what worked and what needs to
change. It's very important to do this with your children regardless
of their age. Small children like remeniscing about the years
adventures and older children might enjoy looking at pictures of
fieldtrips or special projects they worked on. Kids can also engage in
some self evaluation. Discussing where they started the year, where
they are now and then set goals for where they want to be next year.
If after your reflections you find that you need to change things up
feel free to ask other homeschoolers what they are doing. Living in
the Boston area, you have a wealth of networks and local groups to
ask your questions to. Some local homeschoolers have get togethers
where they discuss different homeschooling methods.
If you love the idea but know of any get togethers, engage in some
idea swapping of your own at a local park day.

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