Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man School Day 2

Today we are still out to sea. The boys ever so carefully put the
sails on their ships. Then it was coconut time. The boys took their
coconuts outside and smashed them to pieces. First there was throwing,
then out right banging with hammers and rocks. I never knew it was so
difficult to crack a coconut.
It was amazing watching the boys. They were so enthralled with their
activity. All the glorious banging and breaking with no one trying to
end their fun. Watching them really got me to thinking that I ought to
institute a "break it" day where they get to smash old useless things
to pieces. If I did that I might just secure my spot in history ad
the coolest mommy ever.
The activities, nor the learning for that mattered, stopped with the
coconut breaking. The boys then gathered their shattered novelties and
brought them in the house to wash and grate them. During the grating
work they enjoyed the chilled coconut milk they drained before the
bashing. They also ground up some Jamaican all spice, sliced plantains
and chopped garlic as they helped prepare their caribbean fare.
At this point I must interject and say how very impressed I am with
the woman coordinating this class. She has managed to allow the boys
to have plenty of fun all while they practice cooking, learn about
sailing and explore nautical history.
So, back to day 2 activities. While we were enjoying our meal of peas
and rice and fried plantains ( yes we because I chowed down too), our
organizer explained to use how sailors used alcohol as a
preservative. Which was a great segway into dessert which was rum cake.
After lunch we got tattoos and munched on real sugar canes. Did I
already say how wonderfully thorough the woman is? To wrap up our day
the boys created a timeline of sailing history, where we all learned
that just recently a 16 year old girl circumnavigated the globe all by
I am definitly taking notes, feeling inspired, and greatful that I can
rely on other homeschoolers to help fill in the educational cracks.
Viva homeschooling !!!!

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