Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great discipline

Great discipline
Last night my world came to a crashing halt. My beloved iPhone froze
on me, with my husband far away and every apple store with a hundred
miles closed there was nothing I could do. I sat there starring at my
phone, watching people call me, seeing text message flow in and
nothing I could do to respond.
I learned 3 things last night. First, you can't cool off an iPhone in
the fridge. My 7 year old suggested my phone was over heated like the
laptop sometimes does and just needed to cool down. Desperate I tried
his suggestion of putting it in the fridge to cool off. Second, I
learned how to send text messages from my email account. Again, driven
by desperation to contact my husband, I looked up how to perform this
little miracle and found that it was quite simple, embarassingly
simple to tell the truth. Thirdly, and most importantly, I learned
that being so tantilizing vlose to the thing you want but not being
able to have it is a powerful and motivating form of discipline.
Lately we have been scrapping the barrel so to speak looking for
effective ways to discipline our 7 year old. He has reached it, the
age of the the smart mouth. It's driving me crazy but I refuse to
revert to old school methods. One I don't believe they work and two I
physically can not bring myself to do. So my little painful episode
has been turned into a learning experience that will hopefully benefit
the whole house and decrease the amount of "sassing" around here. One
more reason to love my phone;)

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