Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Day on the Common

Yesterday was a glorious. We are reading "Indian in the Cuboard" and
my boys have taken to it like mice to cheese. It was just our luck
that we heard about a Native American presentation on the Commons so
we jumped at the chance to see real Native Americans.
When we got here we ( really me being the history buff that I am) were
in for a treat. Not only did we see the Wamponoag Native Americans,
yes the actual tribe that celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the
Pilgrims, but there were also reenactors of the 54 regiment, the
govenor of Boston, live bands and a carousel.
We had a great time. We learned the Mosquito dance and marvelled at
the firing of the cannons. It was a warm beautiful Boston afternoon.

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