Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 1 of Man School

Day 1 of Man School
So we joined a group of homeschooling friends in what we are calling
Man school. A friend's son said he wanted to learn how to be man. Now
please don't jump all over that sentence and get all PC or
philosophical. Sometimes as parents you have to know what your kid
means spare him the lecture and respect his wishes. In this instance
that's what my friend did. She gathered a group of his male friends
and designed Man School. So for our first four weeks we are doing
everything sailing; building a sailboat, eating pirate food, singing
sailor chants, telling pirate jokes, increasing our nautical
vocabulary and having a good time.
Maybe I'll pay for it later when my future daughter in-laws are
exasperated by their sexist husbands. Sorry ladies but we are having a
rowdy good time Arghhh!

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