Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rethinking Dinner

Rethinking Dinner
Looking at our grocery bill the other day, I realized even though we
try to shop at healthy stores, we are still buying more ready made
foods. As the boys get bigger and our days get fuller we are spending
less time cooking.
Let me pause for a moment and say that one thing I try to do often is
re-evaluate my methods. This served as a great moment to critique
I ran through my head the pros and cons of our eating habits. Turns
out cooking more homemade meals wins hands down.
Cooking is very stimulating for all children. They are literally
learning hands on. Not only does cooking enhance math skills, it also
improves fine motor skills, mental sequencing, and boost confidence.
Cooking your own meals is also a great way to get picky eaters to try
new things, they are more likely to try something they made themselves.
For our first revisit to homemade we made apple pie. We followed that
up by making our very own pizza rolls. The apple pie was delicious and
so were the pizza rolls despite their appearance :)

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  1. I need to do the same. All that processed stuff just can't be good for us