Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When you stop teaching the learning begins

I have been away. I got sucked into the, "you must teach them these
subjects or they will fall behind and you will be a horrible parent"
phase. We all go through this right? Well you can imagine how
uneventful things have been around here. Nothing but teachers and
books and lots and lots of dirty looks. I know I know what was I
thinking. Well today I just decided to give them some room. To
honestly give myself some room too. I'm tired of repeating "where is
your mathbook, please finish your spelling blah blah blah".
So this morning on their off day, they went down into the basement and
worked for hours constructing and reconstructing their train set. The
whole thing involved lots of negociating. Which piece to use where,
which sound effect pieces to use, who got to play with what first. I
heard several arguments, but suprisingly I was not called down to the
basement once. They problem solved, compromised and worked it out. I
was very impressed.
When trains got boring they came up did some math and then found that
the computer was free. They began to search for our house on the map.
Then they started looking at our neighborhood. Then my oldest son got
the idea to look up some towers from his book. They spent several
hours mapping locations then looking at the street view of several of
the worlds famous towers.
They covered:
Spelling and typing
Tech skills
Communication skills
Without a word of direction from me

Today I was reminded to trust my children to learn on their own in
their own way

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