Friday, October 2, 2009

Filling the Time

> Today we actually arrived 25 minutes early for a class so I was left
> with the very rare (usually I'm late) task of filling the time. I
> quickly ran through a mental list of possiblities ( stay in the car,
> NO, play in the parking lot, NO. Then it hit me as I was looking
> for a parking spot and saw several big oak trees, acorn art! The
> ground near any oak tree is covered with acrons this time of year
> and they are a great open-ended toy. Throw them, crush them, count
> them, make little people wearing hats, it goes on and on. Today as
> soon as I parked I said " ok guys it time for acorn art" they jumped
> out and went straight to work. One kid opened up an acorn shop and
> began selling acorns the others bought acorns and created different
> projects. Twenty minutes more than flew by and they begged to keep
> playing.

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