Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whispers to waterworks

This morning Shnook got me out of the bed by saying that he heard a
whispery sound in the basement. We went down to investigate but heard
nothing. Then whishwhishshhhthe soft sound of water flowing through
Me- was that what you heard?
Shnook- yes, where's that sound coming from?
Me- oh that's the water in the pipes. See water goes all throughout
our house in pipes like these. See the big pipe brings the water in
from outside.

Shnook- so it comes in from the sprinkler fuacet outside.
Me- it comes from much farther away than that.
Siezing the moment Shnook and I went up stairs and began researching
on the net where our water comes from. We had a great time looking at
pictures of our resevoir, people drilling water tunnels, our town's
water tower, and random pipes and drains. We found a free activity
book about the water cycle to download.
It was a great start to what's been a day full of funscoveries (fun
+discoveries, I'm addicted to blending words even when they don't work
I can't stop myself).

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