Saturday, August 15, 2009

No end in sight

Thank God for the ritual of Saturday morning cartoons. I knew when I went to sleep Friday night with a slight headache that this would be a long weekend. T is in the Big Apple for two days and I am braving the weekend alone with my 3 boys. This morning I woke up and handed the remote to Shnook and rolled back over.
Side note, of course he was already in my bed, every morning my bed is 5 deep, despite the fact that they start off in their own room and I know they don't come in to my room until after 1am because that's when I go to sleep. I rarely hear or feel them come in so it makes me wonder what else goes on while I'm sleeping. But that is another blog :)
So I got to sleep in until the glorious hour of 11am. That was great sleep I must admit. But then one of the longest days of my life began and even as I type at 11:16pm it is still not over.
Shmeep starts out by "starting breakfast" This is a little routine they do when I've said something like make yourselves some cereal but what they want is sausage eggs and pancakes. So Shmeep gets out the sausage puts them in a pot on the stove, he then cracks 6 eggs (mind you there are only 4 of us home today and they boys generally eat 1 egg a piece) mixes and seasons them. Then I get the call "Mommy I started breakfast for you!"
So I come down stairs make the eggs, sausage and some toast. We discuss the possibilities of surviving on a maple syrup only diet. I point out the fact that you would get tired of eating only one thing for the rest f your life. Shnook, my 4 year old very wise cracker, says "Mom Bees do it all the time and they do not get bored. All they eat is honey and they love it."
The boys 1 me 0
So we play games, read books, do puzzles, wash clothes. The boys make a colossal mess in their room then clean it up and still its only 3 and way too hot outside.
I turn on the Twilight score and we practice our fighting demonstrations. Each person gets to exhibit heir skills while the audience watches in wonder, ooh aaw. Several flips, jumps and kicks later, 4 pm has finally arrived and I need to break out of the house.

Everyone gears up for a long bike ride. I suggest Shnook take the copilot and Shmeep ride alone, they gang up on me and Shnook insist he won't fall and he needs to practice anyway. Of course he rides the 2 miles just fine and never falls.
The boys 2 me 0
We get to the next town over park our bikes and walk through the center. Being the ice cream addict that I am was in search of the goods and I found a cute little homemade ice cream shop. We took our yummies to go and sat outside near a guy playing a fiddle on the street. Shmeep immediately wanted to give him a dollar but I told him to get his dollars worth of listening first. I told them the guy needed to earn their money. If they liked his music and it made their time more enjoyable then they should pay him. So after 5 minutes of some nice tunes they each gave him a dollar. We moseyed around the center for awhile then headed back to our bikes.
As we were heading home Shmeep asked what time it was to which I replied 6:30ish. "Time to get dinner don't you think" he said. "Oh but I don't want to eat out, your Dad's not here and I don't want to have a hard time." "We won't give you a hard time" said Shnook. "Yeah but Shmitty might." "Shmitty likes Ixtapa (a little Mexican place near us) he'll be fine" said Shmeep. They really did gang up on me today. So we went to Ixtapa and not only did Shmitty, my 1.5 year old, not give me a hard time, but he went to sleep.
The boys 3 me 0
We ate peacefully and the boys got free ice cream. We biked home and got a call from a friend reminding us to watch the meteor showers tonight because its a clear night. Great, just great. From what I have read midnight is the best time to see them and that means this day is never going to end.
So here we are, its 11:49pm we've done more puzzles, listened to more music and Shnook decided to take a nap. We are re-gearing up and heading out to gaze at the stars.
I think I'm starting a new tradition tomorrow morning, Sunday morning cartoons!

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