Monday, August 17, 2009

Break through

As the hot days of summer began to fade I have found myself worrying
about the huge task of homeschooling my boys. Don't get me wrong I am
excited about this year. I am completely free to do my own thing, no
guides no test no mindless drills for the sake of consuming time.
However, this year a new element has been thrown into the mix, a very
mobile toddler by the name of Shmitty. Like all younger sibs, this
guy loves to be in the middle of whatever his brothers are doing.
I have been imagining him ripping up papers, coloring on projects and
knocking over models. I have gone over in my mind many different
schedules trying to take advantage of his naptime.
Today as I sat in front of my "bible" ( this big folder filled with
all of my ideas, possible classes and schedules and anything else
homeschooling), shmitty sat down with the Very Hungry
Caterpillar,Shnook put on the cd that came with it and to my suprise,
my little monster sat through 3 readings of it all by himself with
plenty of distractions around him.
Hark!! I believe I have found the golden ticket. I'm hitting amazon
up now to order more of his favorite books on CD.

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