Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top 10 homeschooling web resources for parents

Living in the age of technology definitely has its advantages. Need to know the weekend forecast and can't wait around for the evening news? is where you want to be. Are your children researching Lewis and Clark and want to know more about Sacagawea? Go to Google. Tired of the monthly menu and want to spice dinner up tonight? to the rescue.

Unfortunately, there are times when having an abundance of information at your fingertips is simply overwhelming. If you do a search for homeschooling resources you will get over 480,000 results. You could scour the web for hours just looking at reading websites alone. Any parent, homeschooling or not, just doesn't have that kind of time. However, it can be very hard not to succumb to that burning desire to check and make sure your kids are using the best curriculum or exploring the coolest websites.

To silence the beast and keep my sanity I've devised a plan for surfing homeschooling resources on the web. Every six months I spend several hours checking reviews and looking at sites. I create a list of references for me and sites for the kids to explore. There are several websites that are just phenomenal and remain on my list year round, but I do my best to add new sites.

I am going to share my sites for the first half of the year with you. I hope it saves you time and energy. Yes there are more out there, and yes they are probably great, but these will knock your socks off and hold you over until June when I create a new list.

Parent Resources

  1. Tools for Educators
  2. Enchanted Learning
  3. Starfall
  4. Edhelper
  5. MiKids
  6. National Geographics
  7. Toys from Trash
  8. Cathy Duffy Reviews
  9. Homeschool Freebie of the Day
  10. A to Z Home's Cool

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  1. Thanks for the info. I can't believe that ppl home school, my girlfriend does and has been for yearssss.....